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    Design pet stores

    In the field of marketing mix the place is one of the key to build customer value. Retail concept and retail design are the basis to contrive a shopping experience that pledge the customer satisfaction. You can create a unique interaction with the customer.
    One Farm Design has planned the spaces and the layout formula for a retail chain that sells pet product. The basic idea for the realized Retail Design begins with a natural and plyaful location, also considering the final users for the proposed products: our pets. The planned layout envisages natual materials like wood for example. If we take a look at the ceiling we can easily notice the cloudlike shape chandeliers: so the sky can come in the designed stores The tree shaped display Booktree has been chosen among the works made by KDSGN Kostas Syrtariotis Designer.
    For the communications placed inside the different stores freshness is a very clear concept, so that the brand image is authentic and can underline products’ plus. One Farm Design, according to Retail Desing philosophy, has designed exhibition format planning, coordinating spaces arrangement, material selection, color and lightning setting to outline a distinct profile for the stores of the future.

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