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    An unusual glowing island made of flowing and rigorous spaces and unexpected experiments with matter.

    The impact is truly emotional. The first thing that strikes you as you walk in is theenormous chandelier fitted at the entrance: 64 glowing ‘stretched’ cubes hanging from the ceiling which form one single harmonious volume constantly in motion.
    ‘Ottoquadro’ – that’s the name of this large glowing piece – consists of several small parallelepipeds which, descending from the ceiling and getting deformed at several heights, add a soft swinging motion to the entire installation.

    PA tour of the lounge bar, planned by Elvis Pettenuzzo for One Farm Desing, also unveils a clean-cut and minimal case where white walls, coupled with square volumes, create continuity and are interspaced at regular intervals with black, solid and strong elements: an elegant and shiny counter, metal stools and tables, and original twisting leather strips hanging from the ceiling, which form depth effects.

    An ethereal, sheer white wall stands out behind the counter, once again underlying the concept of motion, by adding a winding and irregular shape to the wall.
    The striking light effects achieved by research into dynamism and space evolution are quite remarkable. In fact, a set of spotlights fills with colour the white walls, constantly varying their nuances and mixing colours gradually, in an almost inaccessible way.

    Anyone visiting Noir will initially experience the atmosphere of a red-hued place, only to find out, much to their surprise, that upon leaving an hour later, the walls are covered in shades of green and light blue..

    These ever-changing colours and soft, well-balanced glowing effects are also visible from the outside, through the large glass windows containing, like a treasure chest, the entire place.

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