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    Designing living area “Honey House”

    Homey House, is a One Farm Design project starting from the desire to create a living area appropriate to the livability of the house, and for this reason, we chose to integrate the space of the kitchen and the living room to create a unique living space communicating with the studio, and provided with a guest bathroom. Whole works integrating the environment structure, where the structural elements become the reference points defining the different areas of use.
    Place of choice of the daily life, the living room is indeed a multifunctional environment . he living area features a study of an accurate interior design, pleasant and in tune with the rest of the house.
    Based on the assumption that the daytime environment, like a real painting to exhibit, is to be filled with functional solutions but also refined aesthetics, we opted for a turn on warm tones, to use on materials and furnishing elements.
    The result is a contemporary wall wardrobe system with wooden slats creating a three-dimensional effect using the whole perimeter of the surface, from the floor to the ceiling. This way, the capacity to put together various objects increases, occupying only one side of the room.
    The furniture project and interior design by Homey House is provided with 3D Modelling, the study of a coloured corporate image, materials, finishing, furnishing, lighting and rendering of photorealistic interior views. This is to rationalise functional spaces, and to give more visibility to the sections of the interiors volumes.

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