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    Living room table design “Cerdito”

    Cerdito is a design table for a living room breathing uniqueness and creativity, thanks to its minimal structure and thin layer. Cerdito is the table that combines, in a very original way, a very thin and light surface with an expanding structure gaining strength.
    It is ideally the design table choice to create a singular and unusual dwelling, which goes far beyond the normal houses and classic decor. The table is indeed one of those furnishings selected with special care. It is often the protagonist of the living area, and it must be both functional and pleasing to the eye.
    The minimal line of Cerdito is embellished with the particular cut of the legs, which are sectioned to give lightness to the top of the structure. The contrast diffuses in the surface finish: the pink colour distinguishes the lower part, perfectly matching the natural wood of the layer, enriched with decorative cross-shaped design elements.
    One Farm Design thinks of those wishing an object of design featuring a constant and solid structure, with no joints or discontinuities.

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