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    Product design “Vibro Pantone Color”

    How can you make the concept design of an object something catchy, which remains in the memory of anyone who sees it by chance alone?

    The response of Kostas Syrtariotis and Elvis Pettenuzzo, team for One Farm Design, was the merging of two areas, capturing without any doubt the attention of million of users.
    You may think that this is to combine the sacred and the profane, that there is desire to provoke and play with imagination…Pantone and the world of sex-toys mixed together to give birth to the concept of a vibrator featuring colours that already entered the collective imagination.
    An object that cannot be missed, that to the eyes of the most naive (still exist) could seem a plain design object to show-off in the living room. On the contrary, it is a collection object in the range of existing colours
    The shades of Vibro Pantone Color sare all those of Pantone colours: certainly not the limited fifty shades of grey!

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