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    Retail design “The Food in progress”

    The experience in the retail design sector finds its most effective expression when we enter the food area. The design entered also in the food industry, converting the spaces in multifunctional environments answering to several different needs simultaneously.
    From here the experience of One Farm Design for the ‘Food in Progress’, chain of shops in which it is possible to order a pizza and roasted goods to takeaway. Having clearly in mind that today you have to be constantly ‘in progress’ never giving up the ability to adapt, making of it the strength point.
    All this thanks to the use of ground-breaking materials, warm colours that communicate an immediate sense of welcoming and passion for food. Thanks to Elvis Pettenuzzo’s reinterpretation of the ground-breaking materials, the ecological use of the wooden boxes, from simple everyday objects they have become a distinctive element of design. Thanks to the OFD research and planning the ‘Food in Progress’ can spread values, qualities and emotions in an innovative and appealing food retail shop.

    Design and planning have a leading role: in fact, thanks to the use of aesthetic quality language, they allow to interpret and express practical solutions adapting to different needs and spaces, applying innovation and spreading the message of the new brand in the sector. It is a clear and neat image and a declinable identity yet always immediately recognisable.

      Retail design
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