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    Boards architecture competition

    One Farm Design has taken part with an A-level team project, composed by Mario Tiozo, Giulia Ramina and Elvis Pettenuzzo, to a contest for the development of a footbridge in Cittadella (PD), at Zucca road.

    It was a classical competition announcement where the capacities and opportunities has been used in the field. This contest for planning ideas has given to One Farm Design the chance to create a project where the footbridge can resolve the viability issue and at the same time it can appraise the insertion area. There is a delicate urban hub: the environmental impact must be carefully considered. Cittadella is a walled city that has to safeguard and to capitalize its historic background. The outcome is an original project, that let the footbridge to fit in the historic skyline creating an harmonious joining point between the past and the contemporary.

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