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    Visual merchandising for the Vaniglia ice cream store chain

    Working in the retail market is one of the most fascinating challenges for us in One Farm Design.

    OFD has been involved in the design of Vaniglia retail stores, a tried and true ice cream brand from Vicenza. The design of the ice cream shops and corners branded Vaniglia is a big project: several factors need to be considered and valued.
    Brand and brand values ​​must be conveyed in a clear and coordinated way. Everything inside the stores should help to effectively communicate Vaniglia brand image.
    It’s a complex project, it’s not only one ice cream shop that ent in itself. We are talking about a chain of stores. The goal of the project is to suggest an image immediately recognizable, while adapting to the different contexts of the malls where the Vaniglia corners are located.

    Design, brand analysis, retailing marketing, interior design, logos, but also the whole product graphics design and every single item that is within the ice cream corners must be valued and studied.
    Each point of sale is studied from the viewpoint of the layout: One Farm Design has realized a project with 3D renderings in which much attention is given to the setting and layout of the products. The retail store image, in fact, is a key lever to facilitate and increase sales. The products have to be positioned thought out down to the smallest detail to help the consumer: to create a pleasant environment, a welcoming ice cream shop. At the same time, the know-how of the brand is enhanced, highlighting the area of ​​the lab that produces ice cream really memorable.

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