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    OFD: LAB – #blacklovers: when black meets interior design

    By Elvis Pettenuzzo 2 years ago
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    OFD: LAB – #blacklovers: when black meets interior design


    Let’s talk about luxury: what is the first image that come to mind? Surely black is the word for luxury.
    No other color conveys the same image of elegance and absolute quality.
    When it comes to interior design choosing black immediately gives an elegant and luxurious image.
    We’ve become bored with white color, as the “no color” and a no choice. But now black is the answer for a touch of originality and sophistication.

    Black is a difficult element to use because we don’t want to make our spaces smaller.
    Black real beauty is when you use different materials. Every material will have its own finish and a different shade of black.
    We achieved the best result when everything is mixed with grace and balance.

    Where do we use black?
    Thanks to the use of black and its shades for flooring and walls you can draw attention to other furniture details and objects that otherwise would not be highlighted. The illuminated areas, then, will be emphasized in an exceptional way, attracting attention and looks.
    Choose black furnishings means turning them into real focal points.
    Of course it all goes through a careful study, to ensure that the overall result is convincing and consistent. All furniture pieces, from sheets to linens, from curtains to lighting, from finishes to details, should have the common aim to express the personality of the project and help to create a beautiful and comfortable environment.

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