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    • Welcome to
      One Farm Design

      Design and architecture studio with headquarter in Padova
      "we create not only design but also emotions"

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    • We are creative

      We want to give different answers to the same question always:
      create design projects that solve problem
      Creativity and simplicity to accumulate inspirations

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    • Simplicity

      The strength of the design Made in Italy

    • Creative spirit

      A combination of energy and strength
      The professionalism in the service of the search for alternatives
      One Farm Design offers quality and style

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    • Integrated

      The fundamental factors are freedom and attention to detail
      For concept that communicate emotion and functionality

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    What do we do?

    Design and architecture studio
    One Farm Design is able to respond to different
    levels of needs in the project: always having the design as a starting point.

    Competence and professionalism

    From the feasibility study and design, project
    of the maximum design intent, the communication of the project by rendering 3D

    Integrated approach

    We coordinate related activities:
    product design, interior design design of exhibition stands, communication