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    A cottage in black: interior design project

    September 9, 2017
      Black has a charm that never goes out of style: this is true both in fashion and interior design. Black spreads elegance and taste, thanks to the combination of different materials with different finishes. A common thread that expresses clearly a strong personality, an original interior design that does not want to go unnoticed. Space and light comply with black, creating a chic image. What is expressed is a home designed around high quality elements. Thanks to the perfect fitting of divergent elements, black finds its most contemporary and up-to-date expression: perfect for the thin structure of the lighting elements and tapware The chairs of the dining room are black, to create an attentional point and create a common theme that ties the whole space. Always remaining in living area black bonds perfectly with the shades of gray chosen for the sofa, playing with the contrast of both colors and sizes. In the bedroom, all the elements state the style of the house: the brightness of walls and windows, the black color of some key objects and the warmth of the light wooden floor. Considering the 3D rendering used to develop the project, and photos taken after works completion, come to light a definitely modern cottage, with wide and very bright spaces. Black defines the interiors, creating a very elegant and attractive color balance.

    Visual merchandising for the Vaniglia ice cream store chain

    June 10, 2017
    Working in the retail market is one of the most fascinating challenges for us in One Farm Design. OFD has been involved in the design of Vaniglia retail stores, a tried and true ice cream brand from Vicenza. The design of the ice cream shops and corners branded Vaniglia is a big project: several factors need to be considered and valued. Brand and brand values ​​must be conveyed in a clear and coordinated way. Everything inside the stores should help to effectively communicate Vaniglia brand image. It’s a complex project, it’s not only one ice cream shop that ent in itself. We are talking about a chain of stores. The goal of the project is to suggest an image immediately recognizable, while adapting to the different contexts of the malls where the Vaniglia corners are located. Each point of sale is studied from the viewpoint of the layout: One Farm Design has realized a project with 3D renderings in which much attention is given to the setting and layout of the products. The retail store image, in fact, is a key lever to facilitate and increase sales. The products have to be positioned thought out down to the smallest detail to help the consumer: to create a pleasant environment, a welcoming ice cream shop. At the same time, the know-how of the brand is enhanced, highlighting the area of ​​the lab that produces ice cream really memorable.

    Product design Vibro Pantone Color

    May 6, 2015
    The response of Kostas Syrtariotis and Elvis Pettenuzzo, team for One Farm Design, was the merging of two areas, capturing without any doubt the attention of million of users. You may think that this is to combine the sacred and the profane, that there is desire to provoke and play with imagination…Pantone and the world of sex-toys mixed together to give birth to the concept of a vibrator featuring colours that already entered the collective imagination. An object that cannot be missed, that to the eyes of the most naive (still exist) could seem a plain design object to show-off in the living room. On the contrary, it is a collection object in the range of existing colours The shades of Vibro Pantone Color sare all those of Pantone colours: certainly not the limited fifty shades of grey!

    Store display

    April 29, 2015 31
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