Light house

Cavazzale Vicenza Italy
Designer Giulia Ramina, Designer Elvis Pettenuzzo

Deconstructed semi-detached house, Cavazzale (VI)

For the development of the project of this private home, the design studio One Farm Design has followed a minimalist style, giving life to a house with essential lines but with innovative and refined solutions. The semi-detached house has a modern architectural style that is also reflected in the interior design, in the choice of furniture and lighting design, always by One Farm Design studio and the artistic director of this project, designer Giulia Ramina.

The terraced house develops on three floors. On the first floor we find the sleeping area, on the ground floor the living area, the kitchen and the living room, ending with the basement and spa area. The two main features of this house are the shapes and volumes deconstructed thanks to an interesting use of plasterboard, and the play of light created by the LED profiles that enrich the minimal interior decor.

The interior design by One Farm Design has given a lot of space to the study of volumes, using plasterboard to create spaces in the sleeping area that are not perpendicular but symmetrical, giving spaciousness and movement to the floor. The predominant color is white, which enhances the minimalist interior design. This choice reveals the ability to create a living space permeated by a strong yet neutral atmosphere to provide perfect flexibility of adaptation to the property’s needs.


The house, with its essential and modern style, represents an innovation for the period in which it was designed. The architecture studio One Farm Design is always looking for new challenges and to interpret, through its activity, the most innovative trends. An example of this is the lighting project designed for the semi-detached house, which creates a diffused and calibrated luminosity able to enlarge the spaces. The predominant white is enriched by plays of light created by neon lights inserted in the walls. A result that could be achieved because the customer has totally relied on the One Farm Design studio, leaving them the freedom to experiment with shapes, volumes and materials.


The steel used for the appliances, the worktop and hood in the kitchen, the cantilevered concrete fireplace, the staircase in naturalized oak wood with glass balustrade, are all elements that harmonize well with the concept created for this home. A house with an essential style but with unexpected and well-studied details. The simplicity of the forms is combined with the multiplicity of different functions of the spaces. Thanks to this combination, aesthetics can help to optimize costs in the construction phase.