Berti Pavimenti in Legno

From 2006
Italy and Europe
Art Director Elvis Pettenuzzo, Team One Farm Design

Shopping Experience

Berti Pavimenti is one of the main realities in the national and international panorama of fine wooden floors and parquets, run by the Berti family since 1910. Since 2004, the company has been collaborating with the design studio One Farm Design on various projects, ranging from the creation of exhibition stands for the brand, to the design of single-brand retail outlets and multi-brand corners of the group. 

The projects followed over the years have involved various professional figures and were born after a careful study of the concept linked to Berti Pavimenti Legno and the identification of the fundamental values and distinctive traits of the brand. This makes design more effective and ensures a cohesive and recognizable image, even in different places or situations. Defining this as a retail design project is therefore reductive.

Dispalys for wooden floors

The design studio One Farm Design has developed a line of displays for the sampling of wood panels that tell the quality of the raw material, while remaining handy and practical.

The project, for this type of wooden floor displays, has been developed through different phases, from the design and creation of 3d renderings, up to the realization of the prototype and subsequent adjustment phase until the final version.

In design, aesthetic requirements often collide with the realization needs: the answer to this type of problem comes from the careful and meticulous study of the needs of an object through the process of industrial design.

Exhibition stand design

One Farm Design has taken care of the design of exhibition stands by implementing and creating concept designs that reflect the company brand and at the same time communicate the image of the company with strength and vigor.

Come with us in a stand designed to wrap and involve: the product is placed in a predominant position, to clearly communicate the excellence of the creations without excesses, but letting quality express its own potential. The presentation of this project in 3D rendering gives the same feeling you get in reality. The vertical sails are captivating in their simplicity, they are visible even from a great distance, acting as a reminder of the creative thinking of the designer and the client.