Vaniglia Gelaterie

from 2015
Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte Italy
Art Director Giulia Ramina, Collaborator: Graphic designer Federica Fabbian, PH Lorenzo Rui, PH Riccardo Piazza


Ice cream parlor chain Vaniglia

For fifty years the Vaniglia brand has been synonymous with quality and artisanship in the world of ice cream production. A family business and a historical brand of Vicenza ice-cream that today has 12 stores in northern Italy, between Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Brescia and Alessandria.

The interior design studio One Farm Design has been at the side of the Vaniglia ice-cream parlors since 2015, taking care of the design and restyling of shops and stores in shopping centers and following the development of a coordinated and coherent image for the company. The study of the furnishings of the brand’s ice-cream parlors and the interior design of the points of sale inside the shopping centers is fundamental to tell and make visible to customers the values of the company. The aim of the One Farm Design studio is to design a point of sale that will make the customer’s experience rewarding and encourage them to return.

This retail design project is ambitious and very complex because it is not a single reality but several ice-cream parlors in a large territory and stores in several shopping centers. The objective is an immediately recognizable image, while adapting to the different contexts in which the corners dedicated to Vaniglia are placed.

The team of One Farm Design coordinated the renovation works of the points of sale in the territory and took care of the development and realization of the corners placed in different shopping centers with innovative solutions and avant-garde design, such as the realization of the projects through 3D rendering and photo insertions to help the customer visualize the final result of the works.

If much attention is paid to the layout of the spaces and products, the same attention is paid to the coordinated image of the Vaniglia brand and, consequently, to brand advertising. The architecture studio One Farm Design has designed and supervised the realization of the displays, the advertising graphics and the posters present in the points of sale as well as the development of the packaging of the products.

Packaging Design

A new feature of the packaging is the creation of handbags with logo and brand colors to replace the simple paper with which the take-away ice cream tubs are usually wrapped. The tub, closed simply with a sticker bearing the Vaniglia logo, is inserted in the handbag, an extra attention for the customer and a distinctive element for the company. A small detail that manages to make the difference.

The design, realization and renovation of shops and retail outlets, the study of the furniture, the coordinated image and the graphic part of the product result in a clear and effective communication and create for Vaniglia an immediately recognizable image. In a single design studio, you can find integrated solutions tailored to the customer.



Point of sale Vaniglia Palladio Kiosk 33sqm, divided into two departments, the workshop and the operational area of counter service to the public.


A point of sale characterized by extreme elegance and innovation, exalting the area of the production laboratory to enhance the brand’s know-how

Innovation: Artisan ice-cream workshop located in the middle of a shopping mall

For the area of service to the customers, the design of the oval counter allows Vaniglia to have great impact for the display of the product and at the same time ensures that the flow of customers of the Center can walk comfortably in the joint that will host the kiosk. While the transversal cut that determines the overall surface area of the Workshop grants a practical and fast management for the supply of the products that will be processed inside it.